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Tips for Maximizing Your Filler Treatments

Tips for Maximizing Your Filler Treatments

Cosmetic injectables have changed the game in how our skin ages. With these convenient treatments, you can literally reverse the ravages of time, smoothing wrinkles, restoring youthful contours, and plumping thinning lips. 

The trick, though, is that these injectables don’t last forever. Most dermal fillers stay in place for somewhere around a year, after which the body absorbs them. That said, how quickly they start to fade depends on both your unique skin and how well you maintain your results. 

Fortunately, as specialists in Botox® and fillersStephanie Sylvester, RN, and Craig Sylvester, MD, don’t just offer you a way to reverse aging right here at Revive Health and Wellness in Norwell, Massachusetts. Our team can also help you develop a plan to support the longevity of your fillers. 

In fact, we have four tips that can help people with all skin types and a broad range of cosmetic goals. 

Make sure the filler has FDA approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carefully vets dermal fillers before they allow them to receive their stamp of approval. When you choose your filler, make sure it’s an FDA-cleared option so you can rest easy knowing it’s both safe and a filler that delivers reliable results that will last. Our team at Revive Health and Wellness can help you explore your choices of fillers with FDA approval.

Take care immediately afterward

The first 48 hours after you get your fillers go a long way toward determining how long they’ll last. For starters, don’t rub or push on the treated area. If you do, it could distribute the filler to unwanted areas or cause your body to absorb it more quickly. Similarly, you should sleep on your back for the first few nights so the fillers can establish themselves in the correct locations.

We also recommend that you take it easy for a couple of days, avoiding rigorous exercise. In addition, limit your alcohol intake and sun exposure to set yourself up for the best results. 

Avoid smoking

Smoking ages your skin faster. Plus, continually pursing your lips to take a drag can cause vertical lip lines, undoing some of the benefits of your dermal fillers faster.

Keep up your skincare routine

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that a thorough skincare routine can help to maximize the results from fillers. That should include:

If you don’t already have a robust skincare routine established, ask our Revive Health and Wellness team about one. We can help you develop the right regimen for your unique skin. 

Don’t worry. Even when the results from your fillers start to fade, maintaining your youthful appearance is as easy as a quick touch-up treatment. To talk with our team about what’s right to keep your skin looking its best through the years, call us or request an appointment online today.

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