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Why Fillers Are a Great Anti-Aging Option

Why Fillers Are a Great Anti-Aging Option

Cosmetic injectables have changed the game in aging. Thanks to options like Botox® and fillers, wrinkles and volume loss don’t have to be issues that get progressively worse through the years. In fact, Botox and fillers work so well that they ranked #1 and #2 in terms of minimally invasive treatment popularity in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual report

While most people are aware that cosmetic injectables can turn back the clock, they might not necessarily know which options will work best for them. Here at Revive Health and Wellness in Norwell, Massachusetts, Craig Sylvester, MD, and Stephanie Sylvester, RN, are here to help you explore these anti-aging treatments. In addition to Botox, we also offer fillers, which can do things Botox can’t. 

Where Botox® falls short

Botox is a popular way to address dynamic wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that develop as a result of repeated facial expressions, like the lines on your forehead, the creases between your brows, or the crow’s feet by your eyes. Botox works by freezing the muscle that’s causing that wrinkle.

But not all wrinkles are dynamic. In fact, any folds on the lower half of your face stem from another age-related issue: volume loss. And Botox can’t do anything to reverse that.

Fortunately, fillers can. In fact, they’re specifically designed to do so. As their name suggests, these cosmetic injectables fill in the volume that you’ve lost in your face over the years. 

This replenishment doesn’t just alleviate specific wrinkles like deepening nasolabial folds or vertical lip lines. It also helps to restore the youthful contours of your face. These injectables can fill sunken cheeks or thinning lips, for example.

A surprising amount of aging comes from volume loss. But with fillers, we have an extremely effective way to directly target and reverse that issue. In short, they’re one of the best anti-aging options available today. 

What to expect with fillers

Here at Revive Health and Wellness, we only use the specially formulated Allergan fillers. Specifically, we offer the Juvéderm® line of fillers, which are FDA-approved. Depending on your cosmetic goals, we tailor our recommendations. 

For facial wrinkles and folds, we use:

Ultra XC also works for filling thin lips, as does Juvéderm VOLBELLA™ XC. 

For filling the cheeks and chin, we apply Juvéderm VOLUMA™ XC.

We can customize a filler plan to address any cosmetic issues related to volume loss that might be bothering you. 

Once we have your plan in place, the treatment itself takes just minutes. There’s no downtime at all, either. You can head off to work or other activities right after your appointment.

The results from dermal fillers can last a year or possibly more. Whenever you’re ready for a touch-up, you can return to us for quick, convenient treatment. 

If fillers sound like a fit for your anti-aging goals, don’t hesitate to talk with our team. Call us or request an appointment online today to get started. 

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